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Cherry Blossom in Tokyo 2011 for iPhone/iPad

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April 21, 2011
Cherry Blossom in Tokyo for iPhone and Cherry Blossom in Tokyo for iPad are now on sale at App Store all over the world.

Cherry Blossom in Tokyo for iPhone/iPad

This is a photobook written by Kaoru Hayashi, a photographer living in Tokyo, about cherry blossoms in Tokyo after one month later the Higashi-nihon earthquake, April 2011.

News says everyday about the Higashi-nihon earthquake, suffering the hit-earthquake area, Fukushima 1st nuclear power plant accident, and radioactive concentration etc all over the world. There are many difficulties in reality, but the author Kaoru Hayashi was impressive for cherry blossom’s vital energy in Tokyo city area and park.

He went to around a certain little park, Sumida park, Asakusa, Chidorigafuchi (the Imperial Palace), Yasukuni shrine, Sotobori park, and took photos with facing many cherry blossoms and people. A lot of people living in Tokyo, and enjoying cherry blossoms. It is very peaceful and ordinary scene.

At last he confirmes "Tokyo’s spring is such a beautiful, and Japan is alright!" He would like to show people all over the world his photos and messages. There are 58 selected photos and his messages with map information (required internet connection) in this photobook. It is for people who loves cherry blossoms and tries to do something to reconstruct Japan.

The information included in this application was accurate at the time of writing. Please be aware that things may change in the future.

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Cherry Blossom in Tokyo 2011 for iPad screen shots

The Author: Kaoru Hayashi

Writer, Photographer and iOS app developer based in Kyoto.
Born in Kobe in 1972.
Admitted to the University of the Ryukyus in 1991, having first set foot on Okinawa for the entrance exams. Toured Okinawan battlefields, visited U.S. military bases, snorkeled, drank "awamori," and generally fell in love with Okinawa’s culture, nature, and history.
Founded DEEP in 2000 and began working as an independent web designer/programmer.
Twitter username: @deepkick
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ハヤシカオル(本名:本多 郁)。DEEP 代表。フリーランスのiOSアプリ開発者で写真家。神戸出身、琉球大学卒。現在京都市中京区在住。自らアプリを開発し、電子書籍による出版に取り組む。最新作は「八丈富士 ~標高854m。黒潮に聳える火山~ for iPad」。Flash関連書・連載執筆多数。