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A Trip to Okinawa 1: "Blue Ocean Scenes" for iPhone/iPad

A Trip to Okinawa 1: "Blue Ocean Scenes" for iPhone isn’t a comprehensive guidebook to Okinawa; rather, it’s a collection of just over 50 photographs on the theme of "blue ocean scenes" taken during the author’s own travels around Okinawa Main Island.
Each photograph is accompanied by an explanation reflecting the author’s own insights. Most are accompanied by a map (internet connection required) indicating where each photograph was taken.
My hope is that it both serves as a reference for travel to Okinawa and inspires people to want to learn more about Okinawa.

A Trip to Okinawa 1: "Blue Ocean Scenes" for iPhone/iPad - contents

  • 1. Cover
  • 2. Introduction
    • 3. View of Yanbaru from Kori-jima
    • 4. View of Nakijin from Kori-jima
    • 5. Old lookout tower site, Kori-jima
    • 6. Kori Ohashi
    • 7. Kori Ohashi
    • 8. The beach at Sumuide, Yagaji-jima
    • 9. Daybreak at Sumuide, Yagaji-jima
    • 10. Private house and dog on Yagaji-jima
    • 11. The seashore at Tokijin, Nakijin
    • 12. Forest along the seashore at Tokijin, Nakijin
    • 13. Emerald Beach, Ocean Expo Park
    • 14. Sesoko Beach, Sesoko-jima and Ie-jima
    • 15. Island scenery, Sesoko-jima
    • 16. Cape Manzamo
    • 17. Cape Manzamo coast and walkways
    • 18. View of Naha Harbor from Cape Manzamo
    • 19. View of ANA InterContinental Manza Beach Resort from Cape Manzamo
    • 20. Cape Zanpa Lighthouse
    • 21. The cliffs at Cape Zanpa
    • 22. Scaevola sericea at Cape Zanpa
    • 23. View of the East China Sea from the park at the Zakimi Castle ruins
    • 24. View of Henza-jima from the Katsuren Castle ruins
    • 25. View of Tsuken-jima from the Nakagusuku Castle ruins
    • 26. Miyagi Coast, Chatan
    • 27. Miyagi Coast, Chatan
    • 28. View in the direction of Ginowan City from Miyagi Coast, Chatan
    • 29. People enjoying a morning walk at Miyagi Coast, Chatan
    • 30. Dusk at Miyagi Coast, Chatan, with kayak and Tokashiki-jima
    • 31. Miyagi Coast, Chatan, at night
    • 32. The waterfront at Isa, Ginowan
    • 33. Waterfront near the Ginowan Fishing Port
    • 34. Ginowan and Cape Zanpa
    • 35. The Hanashiro coast
    • 36. The Hanashiro coast
    • 37. The Southern Links Resort
    • 38. Gizabanta
    • 39. The Mabuni coast
  • 40. Other places to visit along the way
    • 41. View of Ie-jima from Ocean Expo Park
    • 42. The Kuroshio Sea, Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium
    • 43. Sea Turtle Pool, Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium
    • 44. Ferry leaving Naha Harbor
    • 45. The ferry deck
    • 46. Cape Hedo from the ferry
    • 47. Shisa on Nago City Hall
    • 48. Shisa on Nago City Hall
    • 49. Onoyama Park, venue for the Naha Marathon
    • 50. Kokusai-dori during the Naha Marathon
    • 51. Himeyuri Monument during the Naha Marathon
    • 52. Nashiro, Itoman City during the Naha Marathon
    • 53. Senbaru Campus, the University of the Ryukyus
    • 54. Senbaru Pond, the University of the Ryukyus
    • 55. Ryukyu Glass Craft
  • 56. Afterword

About the author, Kaoru Hayashi

Writer, web designer, photographer and iOS App developer based in Kyoto.
Born in Kobe in 1972, around two months after the return of Okinawa to Japanese sovereignty.
Admitted to the University of the Ryukyus in 1991, having first set foot on Okinawa for the entrance exams. Toured Okinawan battlefields, visited U.S. military bases, snorkeled, drank "awamori," and generally fell in love with Okinawa’s culture, nature, and history.
Founded DEEP in 2000 and began working as an independent web designer/programmer.
Twitter username: @deepkick, hashtag: #okinawakikou
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Hobbies include reading, tennis, marathon running, and watching sports. Participant in the Naha Marathon since 2009.